Meditations on the Middle Ground
Project info

In my work I am searching for a Middle Ground, which encompasses both the wilderness and civilization I live in and call home. I find it of great importance to become aware of the natural environment around me, to understand it, to live in it, to interact with it and to navigate in and around it. I think it is important to be conscious that we are a part of the natural world.
These pieces focus on or near the water’s edge. Water has always been a place where I find my strength and clarity. It is a powerful substance whether it be on the lake, river or ocean. I am drawn towards this connection we have with water, we come from it, we survive on it, we are it. It is alive and part of its beauty lies within the duality of how it can comfort and nourish but it can also overpower and destroy at the same time.
We are inextricably tied to the wilderness and it is my hope to find a stronger connection within this space and to capture the essence of my experiences within my work.
By creating these hybrid landscapes I am capturing the essence of place, to interweave my experiences and merge them together to create an alternate reality. The images represent an otherworldly environment and evoke a feeling of a primordial, untouched or abandoned landscape. Each piece is immersive and embodies chapters of my experiences. The mystery and ambiguity within each piece urges the viewer to expand their vision of reality.
It is in the little things that keep everything together and it is in the small details that allow a bigger picture to arise.