The Great Minority On Horseback
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Inner Mongolia, a vast territory which spans from the east to the west of China. Inside of this autonomous region, there resides an ethnic minority named Mongol, also known as the minority on horseback. Mongolia's geographical landforms of prairie had laid the foundation for its nomadic culture thousands of years ago. Mongolian preserved their fine tradition of horseback racing. Nonetheless, as the cultural orientation shifted with agriculture, industry and city developments. The very original lifestyle of Mongolian nomadism faded, as well as their tradition of horseback racing. In the summer of 2020, I had an honor to visit the Hulunbeir Grassland. I was lucky to watch a rare but actual race, and to interact with the racers. I was truly amazed at the charm of Mongolian spirit. After talking to the racers, I found their virtues of authenticity and boldness were deeply inspirational. I felt like I have to capture the beauties of this vanishing culture, and to deliver the amazing energy radiated by Mongolians through my pictures.