When the colors disappear
Project info

In November 2019 I went diving in Sulawesi.
Being "underwater" fascinated me even as a child. I would hold my breath an dive into the swimming pool or into the lake, sometimes immerse myself in the bathtub- and suddenly there was this peace. The calm feeling of being suspended, of gliding, and the sense of weightlessness makes me happy and content. Simply being and seeing what is.

Our perception beneath the water is different from what we are used to on the Earth`s surface. Already at shallow depths the colors fade or disappear, at 3-5 meters the red disappears, then the orange and yellow tones. Between 20 to 30 meters, we can still perceive the blue and violet tones.

Without an artificial light source, the colors disappear the deeper we dive. This is the reason why I developed the pictures for "when the colors disappear" in black and white.

All photographs in this serie were taken with natural light. No disruptive flashes, just floating, watching, and when I noticed a special mood, I released the shutter.

This beautiful and still intact underwater world in Sulawesi impressed me deeply. I hope that future generations will be able to experience it.