Time to heal
Project info

The objective of the project is to pay an homage to the healthcare workers from all departments at the Madrid hospitals, who are fighting and sacrificing their lives to cure thousands of people from covid-19. An example of courage and humanity facing this global sanitary crisis we are living. A crisis that is offering us an opportunity to heal, personally and socially, that reminds us we are not alone, but we are all connected and it’s our responsibility to fight the virus together.
After living a strong and healing transformational process during my confinement at home, I felt ready to help those who were in need for recognition and needed to feel valued for their titanic work. I always believed a portrait had the power to make people feel valuable, and I wanted them to know how grateful we were for their courage and strength. The press called them “heroes” and I knew they were working extremely long hours, so my idea was to offer them a moment of peace and rest, during their work shift breaks, attention and a chair, under the light on my studio I set up inside the hospitals (that collaborated with me on the project). To my surprise, the photo sesisons offered them a curative moment as well, as they were constantly in action and had no time to think of what was going on inside them. When they paused and I asked them how they were feeling and dealing with the situation, their response was to show their vulnerability, and their most human side, telling me their personal stories of fragility, fear, and how they were also feeling more humans and connected inside their workers in a new collaborative dynamic and also with the patients they were looking after, as they were the only ones to have access to them and give them emotional support as no family members were allowed, they were doing that role.

150 healthcare workers were portrayed for this project, on 3 hospitals in Madrid, and it is currently being exhibited at the Leica Gallery in Madrid.