Project info

Fascinated by the rituals that young people assemble themselves for, seen as rites-of-passage into the adult world, this series was taken at a pre-prom gathering of girls and their mothers. I anticipated certain tropes - make up, hair straighteners, and undoubtedly lots of shoes - but I wanted to create a series of images that were not the standard depiction of the prom phenomenon. As suggested by Lauren Greenfield, following her renowned series Girl Culture, “the body has become the primary expression of identity for girls and women.” The goal was to depict the young women at a moment that is replicated by millions of young women all over the world. At this transitional moment in their lives, with all the apparent pressure and expectation, how do they define themselves? There was an intense but understated sense of purpose to their preparations. They did not particularly flaunt or strut for the camera, but seemed quietly confident and supportive of one another, their lives aligning and focusing for this particular moment of shared experience.