Project info

The photos presented here have been taken during a temporal dimension roughly between the end of February and the end of July of the current year; and in a physical space of about 300 sq. meters, next to my home (in a small town, Ispica, in the south of Sicily): it is not a landscaped garden revoking well organized spaces, walks and flowerbeds; nor a proper botanical garden, as its plants have been added occasionally during many years.
Since the winter’s end, forced at home by a rigorous lockdown, until summer, I photographed any sort of thing. Nature’s mutation, tiny animals, insects and an unprecedented variety of birds building their nests until their children’ birth. I have seen with new eyes those few plants and discovered there a “life” I never suspected about.
A poem by Wislawa Szymborska (Water) opened my eyes to a different vision on raindrops, at which I focused my attention. I did not prepare any photographic set or used any artificial light for these photos: I shot them freehand, waiting for the right natural backlight created by the Sun in its journey.