Project info

As a photographer, I want to help you see the world a bit differently, eliciting an emotional response to expansive landscapes that feature color and form, compositions that are rhythmic and approach abstraction.  The textures of these vast expanses capture a sensuous light that evokes a specific time of day and offers a mysterious, almost other-worldly mood.  My photography captures solitary, isolated and perhaps lonely landscapes, traveling to many places such as Antarctica and the High Desert in Bolivia to create images that arouse unanticipated emotion in the viewer.
In working with people, my intention, always, is storytelling – communicating intention, passion, and observation.  This requires connection and an emotional response to what I am seeing.  Each person has a story and the challenge is to tell that story through an image or series of images.  As a storyteller, my aim is to capture whatever is authentic…  joy, fear, pain, or indifference.