Project info

I decided to carry out this project the day after the news of confining Codogno and neighboring countries as a red zone, following the discovery of the first case of Covid-19 in Italy.
I live in San Colombano al Lambro, 20 km from Codogno. The proximity of my country to the area of the outbreak and at the same time the fact that it did not fall within the circumscribed area aroused in me a double sensation. If on the one hand I perceived the imminent danger, on the other I still assumed the position of the observer not directly involved.
Even Nature that day seemed to want to tell us that our lives would undergo an upheaval never imagined before, manifesting itself with a surreal, almost apocalyptic sunset.
Hence the decision to take the camera with me during all my movements to document, with an extremely subjective approach, the perceptions and emotions felt during this period. The context of the photos is therefore necessarily in the workplace, in the commute from home to work, during a short passage in Milan and inside my home.
the order in which I decided to present the photos could be understood as a typical day during the lockdown period, also trying to follow the chronology of the facts.
We therefore pass from an initial state of uncertainty, of fear, from estrangement due to the absence of people, to bewilderment in the face of an epidemic that is difficult to manage and the perception of entering a completely different future than the one imagined. At that moment there were only us and the present, far from our past and conditioned by waiting.