14 days
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After the Chinese New Year in 2020, many foreigners will return to work in Beijing, when the covid-19 epidemic broke out in China. The government stipulates that every outsider returning to Beijing must go home and be isolated for 14 days. These are the photos I took when I was isolated at home.

Because of their long-term at home alone, a lot of personal feelings will be amplified, people will be extremely sensitive. The idea of covering the whole face with a mask comes from the fear of the virus, feeling that only by wrapping yourself can you resist the attack of the virus.
During the isolation period, the community regulations do not allow to go out to throw garbage, so I put the garbage every day and put it in the designated place. This kind of orderly behavior becomes abnormal and natural during the isolation period. Before that, I was very resistant to it.

What impresses me most is that this kind of spatial isolation has gradually penetrated into the physical and psychological aspects, and evolved into the isolation between people and others, and between people and themselves. At that time, no matter what you touch, you have to wear gloves, so that you feel that you need to disinfect and wear protective equipment in advance for sex and masturbation.