Project info

In my photographs, urban space plays a key role in the context of the human individual. This contrast between a metropolitan city and human loneliness of each individual in our current society fascinates me time and again! On my many expeditions through the metropoles these special places find me.

I do not want to create completely new "spaces" in my work, but rather interact with the space surrounding us in everyday life. My favourite places are usually full of people and an integral part of urban life. But in the way I see and photograph these places, they appear to be more like a fantasy image, a setting, they have something cool and distant, they seem like a hidden place in our soul.

In order to work this out atmospherically, I also apply digital image editing. However, I do not change the photographed space, but only pieces and contents, thereby creating small "flaws" in the objective perception. I see this as artistic design and not as depicting an objectively correct reality. The artworks follow a strict composition and as a result of this supplementary adjustment the alleged objective reality changes. In my pictorial worlds I explore the authentic and the inauthentic, the simultaneous in the non-simultaneous, the presence and the absence, the tangible and the intangible.

To emphasize this more, I avoid working with conventional glossy photo paper and glass in front of the pictures. My large formats are exclusively printed on matt photo paper and presented in a frame without glass. By eliminating distance between picture and beholder, the boundaries of perception become blurred: what is picture, what is space, where do I stand as a beholder - and where do I see myself. By eliminating the distance, I create immense depth and something artistic in my paintings. In combination with the large formats, this has an incredible magnetic effect on the viewer.

The freedom of one's own imaginations, associations and emotions lies again individually within the approach of the respective beholder