Moon Writing 2020
Project info

I have been working on the Full Moon every month in the last one and a half years. In this way, I wanted to absorb more of her feminine energy and ancient wisdom.
The Full Moon beams carry such magical potency that they could fertilize or blind, inspire or make mad as people thought for thousands of years. The Full Moon was expected to provide whatever was felt to be missing from earthly life. In Greece, the Muses come from the goddess Memory, whose name in Greek, Mnemosyne, comes from 'Moon.' Goddess Memory is also the figure of origin pregnant with all the forms that are to come. The Great Memory, Yeats explains, is 'the memory of Nature herself' that we can reach through imagination by engaging with symbols, for Memory is a 'dwelling-house of symbols, of images that are living souls.'
The Moon Writing images look like secret symbols of a lost language of an archaic culture of the Moon. In the series, I put together many symbols and 'moon letters' to form moon montages. I started the series with multiply exposed picturesque photographs of the Full Moon. As the work progressed, I began to build up a whole vocabulary of graphics to communicate with Her and remember Her age-old mystery's beauty and energy.