"Flower For Fragility”
Project info

"Flower For Fragility” is building a more in-depth discussion around a visual static photograph, the feelings that can arise from it, and the relationship between the sense.

The concept of "being thin" is to express the fragility of the flowers. Capturing the flowers as the process of withering commences or has completed. The Photography technique allows the flowers to stay permanently in a sense. With the use of light and shadows to reshape the flowers to bloom again. In essence this dazzling moment in time is a soft sculpture that no longer accepts its fate of withering away.

In the shooting the specific shape of the flower is ignored, focusing on the fluid color and special shape of the flower to capture. The reblooming of the flower is expressed interestingly through color as the elegant charm flows out. With the oriental meaning and interest expression of "Mo-Gu Skills flowers”.