After 365 Days
Project info

November 2017, Song Yang fell off from the fourth-floor balcony during a police arrest and died, she was a sex worker living in Flushing. This incident was reported as an influential article in the New York Times. (
After Song Yang’s death, her family came to New York to take care of everything. Until the end of March 2019, her younger brother Hai and her mother Shi have stayed in Flushing for more than a year. This project focuses on the other side of the tragedy: how does it traumatize the family. The whole family has suffered from the loss of loved ones but still have to stand up and face everything, they’re also victims. I try to show this very important part of tragedy by documenting Hai and his mother’s life in New York. They never moved on, everything about this family ever since seems to be related to the incident. They are trapped in this tragedy.