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The post-human condition places the subject at the centre of a reticular reality pervaded by technology that transforms everything into abstract shapes and geometries. Among the cranes, the beach, the benches, the piers, man is a prisoner of the very reality he has helped to build.   Loneliness then becomes the existential situation of individuals, who claim their own small space, separated from each other and from the community. Unable to dialogue, they wander aimlessly, hypnotised by the Moloch of technology that pushes them towards a regressive drift, where ancestral monsters resurface. Under the securitising rationality of lines and volumes, the primordial anxieties of an ego increasingly suffocated and compressed by hypermodernity resurface. In this hallucinated scenario, men, unaware, become mannequins of themselves, trapped in the dense network of abstractions, often unconsciously, generated by them.