“I remember your smile”
Project info

In the project “I remember your smile” I explore the issue of isolation and deprivation in times of Covid-19 and the related quarantine. 
I have been in various phases of quarantine with my partner for almost eight months.
We did have some difficult times, but we also got to know each other more and more.
We loved enjoying simpler things.
In this project, I make portraits of smiling people instead of images of insecurity and loneliness.
The pandemic is an initiative that brought out new social awareness.   I choose to work with a spirit of optimism and hope to give motivation to others. 
The pandemic opens up questions and provides us with a new perspective on our world
& we need honest self-reflection
to make changes.
We all have to wear a mask in public places.
The people in my photographs are new friends &
I wanted to see them smile.
My pictures are full of light and color.
The scale and impact of the COVID-19-phenomenon is global but is resolved also in 1 on 1 engagement.