Empathy for Weak Magic
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“As she {Dorothy} spoke she leaned against the edge of the big rock that stood in their way. To her surprise it slowly swung backward and showed behind it a dark hole that looked like the mouth of a tunnel.
“Why, here's where the path goes to!” she exclaimed.
“So it is, “ answered the Scarecrow. “ But the question is, do we want to go where the path does?”
“It's underground; right inside the mountain,” said Ojo, peering into the dark hole. “Perhaps
there's a well there; and, if there is, it's sure to be a dark one.”
“Why, that's true enough!” cried Dorothy with eagerness. “Let's go in, Scarecrow; 'cause, if others have gone, we're pretty safe to go, too.”
Toto looked in and barked, but he did not venture to enter until the Scarecrow had bravely gone first. Scraps followed closely after the straw man and then Ojo and Dortothy timidly stepped inside the tunnel. As soon as all of them had passed the big rock, it slowly turned and filled up the opening again; but now they were no longer on the dark, for a soft, rosy light enabled them to see around them quite distinctly.”
L. Frank Baum, The Patchwork Girl of OZ, OZCOT 1913, Books of Wonder, HarperCollins Publishers, NEw York, NY