Project info

In my series, Awaken, I have created an alternative narrative about a city shutdown during a pandemic.

These photographs document the odd, absurd, surreal, or funny spaces where I took comfort in 2020, imagining new realities. I created this work from the unconventional, often anthropomorphic, imagery I conjured from city cars' hoods when the vehicles no longer had destinations. Purposefully using different depths of fields, I made abstract images from reflections, imagining characters for an illustrated manuscript. I intentionally composed my photos to include vehicle fragments or natural elements, allowing this juxtaposition of actual surfaces and painterly distortions to create an alternate reality.

I am drawn to imagery that raises questions about what we believe and what we know, including the paradox of seeing without witnessing. As a former investigator, I know that many things are hidden in plain sight. There is truth, and there is evidence; the two are not necessarily the same.

My cityscapes and landscapes exist. I have been fortunate to witness the creatures they awaken and share their stories with you.