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The Covid 19 pandemic has put our resilience to the test, that ability to adapt that a living being has in the face of an adverse situation.
The confinement during spring 2020 has been very hard, especially for those who lost a loved one, but at the same time it has been a motivating opportunity, where we buy time, a lot of time.
This situation produces fear and uncertainty but there is also something poetic in fear, and something to learn from these alarms and dangers. Having to stay at home by force, working remotely, spending only on the basics, having time to share with your children, breathing fresh air in the cities ...
We have learned that everything can change in a second but it doesn't necessarily have to be for the worse.

We were all surprised by this pandemic, except the scientists, their current conclusions were that it was not necessary to ask if there will be another pandemic or not, but when will it happen?