Men with high-vis vests_COVID19 project
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With the third lockdown, the streets of central London are emptier than ever. The only visible presence in central London is the abandoned shop's windows display with the mannequins, the skaters taking advantage of the empty footpath, the homeless people, and the workers wearing high-vis vests. Hi-vis vest can be yellow, orange, blue, or green. Their reflective color is a warning to prevent accidents and keeping people safe. The workers wearing high-vis vests keep the streets clean, maintain the building, construct and refurbish shops, patrol the streets. In normal times, men with high-vis vests are hidden by the glamour and the glitters of the urban tribes who usually flood central London's streets, or from the Mayfair art dealers with a Schoeffel Gillet. The men with the high-vis vests are now the only tangible glimpse of a living presence in the London wet end. Their bright fluorescent appearance is a warning but also a reassuring signal that “everything will be fine”.