Aftermath Portraits.
Project info

My main work at the moment deals with the aftermath of war and on how people creates the stamina and remakes their life after experiences difficulty during conflict. This can be while staying in their own country or as a migrant somewhere else.

The attached photographs are 5 individual pictures from different places. All 5 people have made an impact on me since I met them. I am currently working long term on a project dealing with the impact war on people. It has made me visit several different location- here I am showing pictures from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Rwanda, Iraq and Mali. The pictures are not necessarily the impact of war, but about the people themselves and their lives today.

While Marie-Jeanne is a survivor of genocide, Dana Omar Ali died many years after his health was affected by war. Raphaël committed genocide and Suliman has fled conflict. The animal carer in my last picture is of someone working on improving the conditions in a community which has been affected by conflict during many years. I often think it is important to see how humans treat their animals as a reflection on how well the society is working.