The Touch
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In the era of lockdowns we are being forced to adapt our behavior: we smile less because of the masks we have to wear to protect others and ourselves, we keep distance, and thus might seem less friendly. Even touch, one of the most important of the senses is being deprived. The irony is that while people suffering from COVID-19 can lose the sense of smell and taste, touch is the sense that has been limited for most of us – symptomatic or not, test-positive or not. Thinking about the future, we have to admit that working from home, meeting with friends and relatives online will most probably become the new normal, where there is little space for the most basic of the senses and communication instruments – touch.
In October 2020 I took a walk around the neighborhood, and while having a cup of tea in a cafe I witnessed a young family having brunch. I didn’t plan to interfere, but I had my camera with me and I felt it was the perfect time to depict a profound and intimate moment, that was just about to happen. Looking at the photos brings me a personal relief: it is good to know how important touch still is. There is no care, there is no cure without a touch.

(My statement was inspired by Laura Crucianelli's essay “The Need to Touch”.)