Peep Soul
Project info

"What if you could look inside my soul and discover the experiences that shaped me

What if you didn't have to look inside but I showed you on my outside

Glued to my skin,
inside out
I show you what lives in me"

For Peep Soul, I talked to 3 persons, about their life and the experiences or events that shaped their person(ality). None of them were models and didn't know them before. But they believed in my project and trusted me with intimate and painful parts of their life.
I then created images around these stories and projected them on their skin, literally. In the combination of their pose and the projection, we show what's inside on the outside.

The pictures are intended to be shown as small prints (20x30cm), individually lit in black boxes against a black wall in a dark room, accompagnied by four poems based on my pictures, written and read by Shari Van Goethem and played on loop in the room.