Project info

"Why this title? Here Christophe Beauregard wanted to
Beauregard wanted to get out of the traditional codes
of the portrait. In reference to Matisse, he poses a subject
a subject dressed in a neutral color in front of a fabric
with colored patterns, playing on the perspectives
and our usual perception. Our relationship
to the image is also exacerbated of share the
the very present and particular look of these
people represented in real size.
Who are they? Men, women, anonymous
anonymous, subject of predilection of the artist.

But not just any people. "I seek rather a photogeny, a feeling or a
a feeling or a disorder, while trying to
decipher the external signs of a modernity.
(...) It is a rather anthropological study
on transformations of oneself which work in silence and
and sculpt the behaviors of each and everyone.
everyone. The anonymous people represented here
here seem to be in the floating time of the research of
the contours of their personality still at work.
at work. The portrait becomes sculpture. "

It shows thus in which way each one, coming
from a different environment, universe, from an individual impulse
individual, will unceasingly want to renew itself,
to exist, to appear in a world in full mutation.
Like an anthropologist, Christophe Beauregard studies the transformations
which operate in us (Why not portraits?) and invites us
and invites us at the same time to an aesthetic experience
and temporal experience, a journey into the future where we
where we could observe ourselves."
Ségolène Brossette, gallery owner in Paris representing Christophe