Poems of Earth and Embodiment
Project info

Moments captured on the island of Koh Phangan during a deep, personal and collective immersion, researching for the project “Poems of Embodiment” an ode, quest and question about the connection to mother Earth and to one's own body.

Like a glimpse into a world of myth and mysteries, shot in a natural, wild and intriguing landscape which seems itself to be a character of the story. This story as an immersion into the ever present and evolving dialogue between matter and spirit. Consciousness itself as Space.

Sun, sounds, water, earth, roots, bodies, textures, power and vulnerability, roughness and grace – zoom in and out, all spiralling together, gradually and intensely into a visceral whirlpool reclaiming a timeless, underlying order behind the illusive choreography of chaos.

The movement in relation to the space from which the characters seem to either emerge, escape or embody, gives a sense of lost knowledge which infiltrates beneath the surface of things, unlocking their substance and meaning and inviting our own unique discovery.