Il Principio Lola
Project info

"Photographer, graphic designer and traveler, Lola is first of all a photographer of emotions, attentive in her portraits, in search of what is hidden behind the eyes. They can be the happy situations of a ceremony, a pose of intrigued children or vain adolescents, animals, glimpses of everyday life, breathtaking views. The attention is always aimed at searching for what is beyond the gaze, which is therefore often not directed towards the goal. The journey is an integral part of his philosophy of life, because it allows her to overcome barriers, distances, imaginary boundaries and leads her to see beyond, to allow herself to be seduced by the beauty hidden in small things. She is obviously fascinated by nature. Clear in all her work is the echo of classical studies done in his youth and his continuous technical experimentation is evident with which he wants to demonstrate how emotions are able to reveal themselves everywhere but with the same mystery and the same flavor of most magical places unknown to us. Perhaps this is what excites her the most, observing the deep roots, an eternal amazement in understanding that the beauty of our world also lies in its colors and geometries but above all in its shadows, in the simpler but less obvious aspects. This work is a summary of the journey undertaken by Lola through life. Images that are traces of a passage, of a continuous migrating, memory of the sights and encounters that she left behind, and that surely hide and always stand