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These images were taken in a village in Karnataka, South India. The response of the people to the camera and what it represents and hence my experience as a photographer were quite different from anything I had ever witnessed before.

While there is access to television and films in this area of the world, there is not the constant stream of images we are subjected to in the consumer-driven "first world". Photographs are not an every day experience - they are taken only for very special occasions. They are not candid, but done in a studio, by a professional photographer - if they are done at all. Some of these people in these images had for sure never been photographed before. The relative novelty of seeing and experiencing oneself represented on film, is expressed in the images. Excitement, shyness, hunger, curiosity is all there. This response to the camera stands in contrast to the relative banality with which we usually approach image-making in the West. There is a fine line between recognizing the alluring aesthetic, the pure beauty of this place and acknowledging the hardship and cold facts of subsistence economy-living which can make the rural village life such a romantic setting for photography.

Images part of series: "Village Portraits: Nostalgia For Myself"