All of them witches
Project info

The project takes its name from the book that Grace Cardiff gives to Rosemary in Roman Polansky's film "Rosemary's Baby".
I have always been fascinated by mystery, the occult and magic. Absolutely taboo topics in my deeply Catholic family. Needless to say, all this "forbidden" held an even greater fascination in me.
I have always had a fascination for the "different", and for the happy ending I have always preferred the drama.
Surrounded by the chaos and stress that were the order of the day in my daily life, I began to imagine fantastic and dreamlike worlds where I would take refuge to create dramatic and surreal stories. In those stories I put all my most unspeakable fears and my insecurities, in these stories my crepuscular personality could emerge free from any judgment.
I would like to let the viewer enter my world, making him experience these images as metaphors of mental states, making him detach at least for a moment from reality, guiding him into parallel worlds where he can feel free to get in touch with his darkest thoughts.