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It is the age of great world migrations. Hundreds of millions of the world’s population consists of immigrants. While the reasons and circumstances of leaving one’s home are as many as the people leaving, there is one thing all immigrants have in common: The dream, the fear, the longing to return. In many cases, that moment occurs – and is written forever in the book of life, unrepeatable: The first time going home.

G and A left Bulgaria during the first big Eastern European migration wave to the USA in the early nineties. Exhausted from political battles and the bitterness that followed “the changes,” they took the opportunity that presented itself and set out for America. As most immigrants, they did so with the illusion that “they can always go back.” They emigrated with their youngest child, leaving two children in their early 20’s, as well as their entire family, behind.

After 22 years in the USA, G and A went home for the first time. They were unable to go sooner because of years of undocumented status, as well as the obvious struggles of first-generation immigrants everywhere. During this time, both of their parents died, their children had children, and so much changed in Bulgaria that the divide of the ocean became nothing compared to the divide between realities.

This is an impressionistic look into their trip home, with its inevitable clashes between the image of life as it once was, sacred and long-held, and the realities of the here and now.