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What makes a home? A home can be anywhere. It is easy to lose and hard to find for many people. It is fragile. Some people believe they own a house or a home, can inherit it, can appropriate it. But isn't a home also a place in and of itself. With its own history, independent of a person. A place that can last for generations. When I first came to the place I was photographing, it was a location for an artist shoot, I was fascinated by the place steeped in history. The house used to be a horse stable in a large brewery complex. Then it became apartment and many wallpaper remains speak of the families and fates of the people there. Now it is a place that young artists from different countries, together with students from a nearby school, want to develop into an art and cultural center through their own efforts. Also as a sign of revolt due to the pause in cultural work caused by the Corona pandemic.