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scar – July 22. 2011 / Oslo / Utøya / Norway

Friday July 22. At 15.25:22 a 950 kg car bomb exploded outside the Norwegian Government building downtown Oslo. The bomb was made of fertiliser and fuel oil and the shrapnel killed eight and injured 209 people. This was the first of two lone wolf right wing terror attacks.

The second one took place at a youth summer camp on an isolated island outside the capital of Norway. Between 17.22 and 18:34 the same person wearing a fake Police uniform, fires 297 shots and kills 69 people. 52 of them shot in the head at a close range of 50-100 cm several lying down on the ground or the floor.
Average age was 20. The youngest 14 years.

The ongoing project ”scar” is about the healing of the scars on our (Norwegian) national conscience and about keeping the dialogue on democratic values on going.
It depicts the black and white fuel oil smeared remains of the bomb car in ultra close up and in almost a clinical forensic style.

Werner Anderson, the artist behind the series, wants us to see the places where the horrors took place and think about why this could happen and not to forget; done by “one of us peaceful Norwegians”.
He has a history of documenting the aftermaths of wars working for NGO´s as the Norwegian People’s Aid and the Red Cross and is an international award-winning photographer.