Barriers v Nature
Project info

Developed in Brazil and the UK, this project considers the nature of barriers that we impose as human constructs on ourselves and our environments. Nature becomes artifice in a built-up area, protected for its own sake in a fairground. It sneaks back to remind us of its power to push through and re-establish itself in the landscape if left to its own devices. Artifice takes precedent, marginalising and brutalising the natural environment.

Transboundary Conservation as a movement seeks political answers, where nature doesn’t recognise borders between countries and territories. And as global warming becomes a greater reality with the movement of species to more tolerable conditions, and where species come into conflict with humans on a daily basis, how will we tackle the outer and inner physical and psychological conflicts which need to be addressed if we are to live inclusively and prepare for the future? These problems and contradictions are also metaphors for the social and political barriers and conflicts around such issues as migration, and territorial and religious wars.