Project info

The Iberian Peninsula is a geographical concept formed by Spain and Portugal, two geographically united countries but separately by an invisible border.

THE IBERIANS is an essay about my travels through this territory, visually narrating the things that happen while wandering around Iberia, how to write in a sketchbook.
I reflect the life in Iberia throughout the first two decades of the 21st century, it is a project already finished just two months before the arrival of the Covid pandemic.
The knowledge of a specific territory gives depth and meaning to my project, that is why my work is a continuous journey through Spain and Portugal.
They are places where I explore the concepts of territory, border, light, memory and identity through the observation of the other.
In The Iberians I rediscover the common places, their people, their culture, their realities circumscribed to a geography, in short I explore the human condition.