Project info

“A Year Without Sex” series is an excerpt from the bigger body of work under the same title, realised in Singapore between January 2020 and now, May 2021.

"Last year, the 39th year of my life, I've spent almost 100% in solitude. At that same time, my gynaecologist continuously reminded me that my ovaries are getting smaller by the second.

Turning 40 brings so many aspects of womanhood to forefront - fertility, potential motherhood, ageing, relationship status. It was enough of a challenge to stay balanced without any restrictions but a year-long lockdown and borders closure took it to new levels. In that period everything re-emerged bare in front of my eyes: “It's lockdown and I don't have a partner, I can't meet any new people, an idea of kissing a stranger is terrifying, my own 6 eggs sit frozen in Thailand but it’s impossible to travel, IVF in Singapore is not accessible for singles"...the list could go on.

Portrayed here is a strong, playful human, a woman trying to keep it together and protect her earned freedoms. There is also a fragile one, giving offerings for the health and survival of the body and mind, which need constant nurturing. Offerings in hope that it all will be alright, with or without starting a family, with or without a partner, in the East or in the West. This rare, prolonged moment of suspension, when many plans couldn't be progressed, became a humble and profound time, where I could re-discover myself more completely as an individual and as a woman.”