Project info

“L’étranger” aims to explore the subconscious of a kind of contemporary nomadism, in which the subject creates a liquid memory with no reference points and continues to construct and deconstruct “capsules de temps” familiar to him, in a continuous geographical and emotional uprooting.
In the context of a disturbing alienation regarding the roots and the family (the Freudian “unheimlich”), the individual-author confuses the world and himself, so the “good return” is nowhere.

The project is an open diary in which, by getting away from a more imposed and rational approach with digital tools, I started to shoot in analogue and polaroid, getting closer to a linguistic and technical consistency that led me to a new kind of introspection. I started to trace an emotional atlas of all the places I lived in and, by revisiting them, I suddenly perceived them as distant, changed, disturbing. The continual fleeing, in search of a relief, and in the turmoil of going back on my steps, I found myself seeking for a definition or rather for a new purpose. Thus, the work started to enrich itself with chapters and chapters of metaphors and projections. I was walking in a maze of perturbing (familiar yet strange) places, distant from each other. The cities I lived in and I ran from. Emotions, captured as portraits, laid, often unapproachable. And a stray, picky sexuality. The project cuts this threads in two, trying to make a visual, yet emotional incision