Project info

These photographs show the view of Tokyo through windows, advertisements, and other reflective objects.
To find a new image in the city of Tokyo. To break away from the everyday scene or the intended scape. Or to ignore it. I take photographs with the desire to see what is created in this way. I want to deviate from the familiar landscape, but if the image I photograph becomes familiar again, I will want to deviate again. It's a repetitive process.

Before I started this series, I was taking pictures of landscapes around Tokyo. In landscapes, there is a kind of horizon line between the sky and the earth. I was fascinated by what emanated from that horizon. I felt as if there was something far off in the distance. And I wanted to find that horizon in the city. But there is no horizon in the city. But cities don't have horizons, because there are so many buildings, people, and things. So I took this picture as an alternative to the horizon.

I'm interested in what's beyond my gaze.  I take pictures of what I perceive to be manifestations that suggest some sort of guidance to the other side. On the other hand, I don't want there to be anything beyond my gaze.  Because I have not actually seen it.