After Dark
Project info

Darkness has a unique nature to it. It instills in us a very different set of emotions or feelings. Each of us relate to it differently. But the most common emotions associated are fear, danger, unknown,suspense or even black.
I have the habit of going on night walks. And as a street photographer I observe and try to capture the streets in darkness. Firstly, the same streets look very different at night. What we would not have observed in the day becomes visible at night. Also objects take weird forms in the darkness and pick on our imagination until we get closer to find it is only a dust bin or a car window shield. Lastly, the night brings in me a sense of voyeurism and I look up at the dimly lit windows of buildings or into a passing car, to find wavering figures. I have used a mix of both color as well as black-and-white images to depict the streets at night- sometimes all we see is black-and-white, sometimes its a colored window.
In this series I try to give the viewer a sense of the streets at night and the emotions it brings such as unknown, voyeurism and suspense.