MADE IN ME, 2009
Project info

The series presented by Abram »Made in me« was done completely by the author him self. His outgoing point was that creativity doesn't need excellent photo equipment and Roland Barthes' thesis that photography is born in the mind not in the camera.
He therefore »invented« the camera obscura« literally in his head (as Barthes put it) in his mouth and made the portraits of his friends.
The result are prints done on hand made canvases and frames. Also the emulsion for prints was done by the author him self. Beside the completely conceptual approach to make the photo »out of nothing«, the final prints are very impresionistic and expressive, also very esthethic and they do not tend to show the reality but rather focus on image as subjective vision.
Consideration about the very essence of photographic image is paralleled with another consideration about the essence of the digital image: he confronted the very same photos with the digital record of the digital photo and the result is book full of binary code (o and 1); one photo takes 676 printed pages of code.

silver gelatin print on canvas
50x60 cm
edition 2