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The title Body. Made in Me ironizes industrially produced commodities for mass consumption, marked with the tag of origin. It emphasizes the uniqueness and unrepeatability of the image and avoids at the same time the aura of Art: the image of the body even in my own body remains the product of pure optics in combination with chemistry ? that is all. Abram photographs with the camera obscura improvised in his mouth. His photos are articulated by expressive deformation due to the long exposition, entirely diluted contours and loss of detail, fingerprints and traces of saliva which contribute to the aesthetic of the image. Operator (the author) thus prints in traces of participation of his own body. He makes use of the sacral space for the consecration of the human body, its frail beauty and transience in the ethereal images of the photographed nudes.

digital print on canvas
various formats
edition 1/1