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Violence in Latin America
Sociological essay of Latin America, the most violent zone in the world in its most dramatic and miserable. The impotence of pain and hell asocial victims of murderers in a daily theater of war where violence is always the news of the day in his red note.
It is very necessary to expose and teach this story to show the true nature of violence because newspapers, television and magazines do not offer current. And that's too bad because it's terribly necessary that these stories have a voice in society
Latin America is considered one of the most violent places in the world. Every day in the streets of cities like San Pedro Sula, Guatemala, Tegucigalpa, San Salvador, and Mexico City, the murders, robberies and violence are increasingly present. Ineffective internal politics of the area is unstable, drug trafficking into the U.S. is uncontrollable and unsafe zone of Maras, or control of the Zetas in the border is the closest thing to a daily war. The report of the Organization of American States notes that in a country such as Honduras violent death occurs every 74 minutes without war there was, in 2011, the most violent nation in the world, totaling 7104 killings documented by police.
In these places the use of youth and children to train as Sicarios is a regular job. They are attracted by the ease of earning money that gives them respect and fear. In the process of training the young killer from the poorest strata of society consumed becoming true heralds of death. Deprotection of these societies for the defense and protection of children in these situations of violence is alarming.