Living in the Shadow 1
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Constant conflict in central Africa has created a
society indifferent to the psychological trauma
associated with those affected by war.

Research from the World Health Organization
is critical in regards to the level of public
expenditure on mental health (less than
$2USD/day) and the endemic lack of response
to this significant health challenge facing
Ugandan society. Compounding the lack
of Government assistance is a fixed cultural
stigma towards those with mental health issues.

Some are taking it upon themselves to combine
counseling with thier faith and strength of will
to forgive their assailants and move forward
with their lives...

Photographed across Uganda, this set of images
have initiated a larger body of work documenting
the effect mental health has on culture, and
the systematic processes in place for support.

Living in the Shadow is the visual evidence of
a campaign that intends to influence policy
change - sparking a course of action to see
increased governmental and aid funding
towards mental heath and those who need its

As featured in The Sydney Morning Herald,
The Age and ViewFind.