Project info

In philosophy, science, and art, emergence is when an entity exhibits properties or behaviors its parts do not have alone, emerging only when the parts interact in a wider whole. It mirrors the last 1.5 years - both in how hatred toward Asian communities seems to perpetuate, and in how the movement against it gained momentum.

As a Chinese-American woman, I feel this viscerally. As a target, it is deeply personal. I worry about potential attacks against my family, friends, colleagues, myself.

My camera is my chosen tool to reflect my experiences and perspectives in visually distinct stages of mourning, contemplation, defiance, and hope. With this series, I embrace the inherent diversity of emergence - capturing the often wild emotional swings fellow community members and I have felt. Intentionally sequenced through night, then day, all scenes are set against the varied backdrops of NYC, where both hate crimes and protests have manifested. Only in sharing and digesting a more complete narrative - spanning brutal assaults and thoughtless racial slurs, through inspiring rallies and healing friendships - can we navigate toward a more resilient, optimistic future, alone and together.