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Australia is a land with a reputation of wide open spaces, vast horizons and shimmering distant hills.
A land of space, of solitude and of mateship.
A land with plenty of space, a land with room to grow.
The outback.
We have a reputation as adventurers and travellers, a people who wonder at what's over the horizon.
The truth, sadly, is a little different, nearly all Australians cling hopefully to the coast, our backs resolutely turned away from the great interior.
The wide brown land is no place for us, it's too vast, too dry, too hard.
We don't get it.
Instead, we spend our days and nights water bound, at beaches, rivers and pools, these are our social meeting spots. The places we go to learn, to live, and to experience the world around us.
I've always found the beach to be a spot of quiet contemplation, the rhythm and blues of the water sounds add to the melancholic loneliness of a deserted beach.
As our cities have grown and they push further and further towards the coast, it's getting harder to find your own little bit of secluded paradise.
Despite this, if you look hard, even in our biggest city, you can spot that little slice of quiet.