Ordinary People
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Ordinary People [9.1.15 lensculture]

I am fascinated by using a camera to transform life's commonplace moments into something more.

So I reframe people living their daily lives through all kinds of surfaces, and from all sorts of vantage points—such as peering from behind an Alexander Calder stabile, to photographing an elderly woman walking to market through the dew-misted window of an automobile, just to see what becomes of her.

I wonder: what will ordinary lives look like when reflected in an iron wall painted over hundreds of times in Paris, or when seen through a web of a fibre
art installation?

Reframed, these moments become dreamlike fragments of our Inner World: a deep, hidden place where we cannot fill in all the blanks, even though our rational mind so insistently wants us to.

And so, our curiosity is free to move beyond passive observer and emerge as storyteller, or story finisher, perhaps making these quotidian moments we all so quickly live and just as quickly forget, a little more extraordinary--if even for an instant.