The Reflex Project Bogotá-Roma
Project info

Reflex is a game of photography, portraits, memory and chance, and a modest homage to the city seen as a complex and almost chaotic universe, determined by it's people, their diversity and multiple experiences. It´s a modest homage to the people that with their daily actions, struggles, wishes and decisions determine the city´s destiny and identity. The bus is an infinite universe. A space in which we experiment all sort of events. From our happiest moments, to our sourest moments. It’s a tough routine for many people who ride the bus daily, spending sometimes several hours a day. Reflex is the result of a simple poetic gesture: taking pictures of bus passengers while they wander through their cities, their thoughts, wishes, desires, worries and hopes. I like to imagine who they are and what are their lives like.

I all started during a usual traffic jam in Bogota. I was facing someone just in front of me that was at the same time looking at me. I wandered who that person was. I then thought it would be interesting to start making portraits of strangers during this fugitive encounters that happened everyday. Taking these pictures is a simple act. They invite us to think about our contemporary way of living and make us face ourselves as we gaze at perfect strangers. We try to decipher the mysteries behind their faces and identities.We will never resolve each of these mysteries… That’s the beauty of this game of chance.

The series of images where taken in Bogota, from one bus to another. The pictures taken in Rome where taken while wandering randomly through the streets of Rome in 2011. It’s interesting to compare people from both contexts. Do they really seem that different? It’s up to each viewer to try to unveil their secrets and to imagine their own stories about them. I hope you enjoy them.