Self awareness
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There was a time there was no separation between common sense and paranoia, anxiety and panic attacks took over. I lost control of my thoughts, literally. The things that was vital for my well being was my job, athletics and my photography. This three reactions of the brain have similar actions. Concentration, discipline a focus point and space and time.
The pursuit of a composition for some reason created order in my mind. The discipline that was necessary in order to create a composition brought the rder. Thru order, calmness has settled in and anxiety thru time has "vanished". What actions of the brain are needed in order to have the reaction that we call a composition?
By having awareness of this process it took the form of a therapy.
". A part of the brain is getting irate. My brain is saying “You are lazy and should have a notebook with you to note everything down”. At this point I am not sure if I am actually saying this to myself or if it is another part of my brain where I do not have control. I think I am losing control because I can’t tell if I am thinking about it or if someone else is talking to me inside my brain. I am tired and confused. Things that have appeared forgotten have suddenly emerged. For instance, childhood memories. Those memories are causing anxiety, distortion and panic. I am getting angry and confused because of something that happened twenty or twenty five years ago. I am not even sure if the memories are real or a fabrication of my mind. This incident happened somewhere in 2014."
(, Self Awernes pp 22.)