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The nature of the concept of “Woman and Femininity” has always been the subject of many debates through different points of view in societies. The concept of femininity can be addressed from different aspects, though the most important factor in formation of this collection is investigating the issue of “trauma” or “Mental Trauma” as Freud mentions. According to “Freud” trauma is a memory which is recorded in the person’s mind at initial stages and can be the source of many mental disorders. It can cause a lot of psychological pain. Despite the effort in finding a logical reason to express the trouble, the pain doesn’t fade away and the person suffers from it again. The source of trauma can be studied through different aspects. From the psychological point of view the source can be the lack of “Phallus” in women as Freud postulats. Phallus is defined as male sexual symbol by Freud. As Lacan says Phallus is “The Other”in mirror stage or is a desire in the father which attracts the mother. However the problem is not rooted merely in the lack of Phallus in feminine since the woman, opposite to men is trapped in a limbo from mirror stage. On the one hand she wears a mask of femininity to hold the father’s heart and on the other tries to lead the father’s attention to the mother. This duality in personality makes her encounter new troubles by entering symbol. This can repeat the same trauma during these stages. The society can play a very significant role in helping her out of this truama. Women in nowadays societies suffer from other different issues such as cover, freedom and … disregarding the type of society – democratic or nondemocratic. The biggest problem is being a woman.