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Why is a child’s brain able to adapt far better than an adult’s? One could suggest that the only difference is that a child’s brain has not experienced living in a single society long enough for it to become ingrained or drummed into the brain. Does this mean that their consciousness is still functioning?

With this being the case, does this mean that consciousness is not interlinked with knowledge as children are known to be naïve, gullible and ignorant? Are we born with this state of mind? Is it a state of mind that functions awareness and with knowledge integrated with experience awareness expands? Can one survive without the other?
Is an adult’s brain, which has endured decades of moulding, able to “break the mould” and still regain this state of mind? If consciousness is present, but the form is erroneous and “mistranslated”, can we then say their awareness is flawed? Is there such a thing as flawed awareness? If everything has indeed been mistranslated, is it possible to undo the “damage”, even if that individual has been fed the wrong message for “x” amount of years? Is it beyond repair? I am feeling confused, I am not confident about my conclusion.
(, Self Awareness pp 9, paragraph 5)