Global Manchester
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Can we say Alexander’s empire was a type of globalization? Was that his aim? Did his countrymen agree? What if I were to speculate and state that the twenty first century Greeks do not agree with globalization? They do not what to mix with other races, they prefer to remain pure. They do not want to share their perfect society with anyone, they believe in their uniqueness and wish to stay this way. They do not want to buy into English as a global language as the rest of the world has. Perhaps I am being irrational now; there is no proof to my speculations...
Do the French agree with English as the common tongue? The Italians, the Russians, the Germans? How do we interpret history when we write it down? What character do we give to the phrase ‘The common language of the ancient world was Greek’? Did people of that era honestly walk around in slow motion with shiny white cloaks while the Chariots of Fire by Vangelis Papathanassiou was playing at the background? Let's try to give some character to the interpretation of ‘The common language of the ancient world was Greek’.
(, Self Awareness pp 11 paragraph 5)