Project info

This series, “Dystoptych,” is my response to the global dystopia we have collectively experienced in the last few years. Too often, we commit to what we believe we know, which may differ from what we actually know or witness, resulting in fragile belief systems cobbled together by faith or fantasy. The outcome of this duality is not without pain or surprise. I investigate these common places where disintegration and regeneration live side by side in my diptychs.

I combine seemingly random and unrelated images, often taken years apart on different continents. Atavism is at play here. It is as if I had known, without knowing, that while I was composing an image, it was destined to be merged, paired, or absorbed with another one created in the past. Discovering these ambiguities and pairing them has resulted in dimensional stories layered with facts and fiction.

My selected images, across space and time, are paired to create mini-narratives that are built on ambiguities between utopian and dystopian worlds, linking disaster, faith, despair, hope, and beauty. In questioning facts surrounding these ambiguities, I came to understand that what we see is not necessarily what we remember nor believe to be “true.” These diptychs allow me to transform a shifting reality through the creation of a universe where all things are connected if one is open to seeing and interpreting them subjectively. I invite the viewers to use their imaginations, experiences, and memories to contribute to these Dystoptych narratives. My titles are only one narrative interpretation.