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Tarlabasi is a neighbourhood, in Beyoglu district, in Istanbul. Years ago, Greeks and many other Levantines were living in that area.
In the 1990s, it had opened its door to large numbers of Kurdish immigrants from southeastern Turkey mixing in with the local Romani population. More recently, it has become the home to many migrants from neighbouring countries and Africa.
Now it is also well known with the drug dealers living in this part of the city.
Thats why, most people living in Istanbul don't prefer to access in this area, and don't advise others to pass, either.
However, there's a beautiful neighbourhood in Tarlabaşı. Once you enter the area, you see smiling faces, shildren playing on the street, workers, women sitting at the doorside, craftsmen, paper and rubish collectors, artisians, students sharing apartments, etc.
This means, it is neither an area to be scared, nor abandoned.